Comfort Design Windows / CDI

You may have noticed it is difficult to find Comfort Design Windows & Doors (CDI). Although they operated out of Lakewood, WA, CDI has now closed its doors after being acquired by Lindsay Windows. However, the most popular CDI window lines are still manufactured by Lindsay. We (Sound View Glass) can order CDI Windows from Lindsay on behalf of homeowners or contractors. Please contact us online for details, or call at:

Warranty for CDI Windows

With Comfort Design Windows, Inc. permanently out of business, it may be difficult to obtain warranty service. Lindsay Windows currently manufacturers two CDI product lines in their Tacoma location and can be reached at 253-284-5406.

Available CDI Product Lines

Two of three original CDI window lines are still available from Lindsay Windows Washington, the Comfort series and Architecture series. You are welcome to contact us any time with questions about your CDI windows. We can help by ordering replacement windows and, optionally, installing them.

We are located in South Everett, serving King and Snohomish Counties.

CDI “Comfort” Series Windows

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or Download Lindsay Comfort Series brochures
! PLEASE NOTE: the phone number in this brochure may not be current. Lindsay is available at 253-284-5406.

CDI “Architectural” Series Windows

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or Download Lindsay Architectural Series brochure
! PLEASE NOTE: the phone number in this brochure may not be current. Lindsay is available at 253-284-5406.

Damaged or Foggy Glass

CDI windows with failed seals (or broken glass) can be repaired using glass replacement.

Replacement Parts for CDI Windows

Talk to a Lindsay representative to identify the part (we can put you in contact if you have trouble). Lindsay does not sell directly to the public, but we can place an order for you. Reach Lindsay Windows in Tacoma at 253-284-5406

Alternatives to CDI Windows

If you want phase out your existing CDI windows, we typically recommend Milgard Style Line or Tuscany.

  • Tuscany has a stouter profile, so it is a somewhat stronger window.
  • Style Line has a narrower profile, but compensates with more rigid vinyl. There is more glass inside, so it lets in more light.

You could also check out Andersen 100 Series (composite windows—similar to vinyl).