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Since 1962, Cardinal’s mission has been leading the industry in the development of commercial and residential glass for windows and doors, as well as glass for solar applications.  Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota with research and development centers in Minnesota and Wisconsin, they have now grown to more than 5,500 employees located at 27 manufacturing locations around the United States.

The company was a pioneer in the development and mass-application of insulating gasses and low-emission coatings for windows.  Today Cardinal is the largest fabricator of sealed insulating glass units and supplies over half the low-emissivity coatings used in North America.  They also manufacture a vast array of specialty glass products, including self-cleaning glass, hurricane glass, high-altitude glass, and more.

Cardinal offers a helpful energy savings calculation guide on their website, to help consumers determine the best window options for their home and region.  A link to that guide may be found below.