Re-Screening Overview

One of the best parts of a good window is the screen, which allows you to enjoy fresh air without the bother of insects and other pests entering your home. Modern screen mesh is durable, but it can still be torn, punctured, or deformed over time. Why be inconvenienced? Let Sound View Glass replace the screen as a cost-effective solution. We offer a choice in fiberglass, vinyl, or metal as replacement screen material.

Choosing Screen Material

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    Are you looking for economy? Then standard fiberglass is the screen you need. Fiberglass is the most common material in most window and door screens. Easily installed, this high quality standard mesh is the preferred insect screening. Mesh: 18 x 16

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    Seven times stronger than standard fiberglass screens, and especially resistant to stretching, tearing and fraying. Have pets? Vinyl or vinyl-polyester composite is the preferred material for durable, long-lasting pet screens.

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    Solar-Resistant Mesh

    Solar-resistant screens reduce the amount of solar heat and UV radiation that enters through your windows into your home, and amplify the effectiveness of energy-efficient windows. Solar-resistant mesh is able to reduce thermal transfer from 65% to 90%, lowering utility bills and making any living area more comfortable.

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    This fiberglass screen uses a tightly woven mesh designed to keep out tiny insects and airborne particulate. While densely woven, this mesh still allows good ventilation. Protects against, gnats, sand flies, etc. Mesh: 20 x 20

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    Aluminum and composite metal mesh is the most durable material available, creating a long-lasting and secure window screens. It is important to remember that metal can be deformed by repeated impacts, and may not be the best choice for an active household.

Don’t Just Repair, UPGRADE!

Retractable Screens

Enjoy the fresh air and sounds of nature while adding beautiful curb appeal to your home. Retractable screens can be mounted on virtually any existing door or window. These screens virtually disappear as they retract into a discreet, slim cassette.

Our retractable window screens are available in standard and custom sizes. Take advantage of natural ventilation and save money on air conditioning. Wherever you’d enjoy a refreshing breeze, lots of natural light and an undisturbed view, is the ideal place for retractable screens.