glass replacement candidates: a broken glass door and foggy window glass

Keep your window—replace the glass

When double-pane windows fog up or accidentally break, glass replacement is the best method to repair the glass. The same method works for glass in many entry doors, including patio doors.

Your window or door frame stays in place while we replace damaged glass with new insulated glass. Glass replacement is the right solution when:

  • Water or fog forms between panes of glass in double-pane windows or glass doors
  • Accidental breakage occurs in window glass or glass doors
  • You need special functionality:
    • Privacy glass (also called obscure glass)
    • Laminated or tempered glass
    • Blinds between glass (either windows & doors)
    • Energy-efficient ‘Low-E glass’
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Service Area for Glass Replacement

Our showroom is located in south Everett, right between Mill Creek, Lynnwood and Mukilteo. We offer replacement services throughout north King and Snohomish County. We also sell window and door products throughout western Washington.


Is glass repair the same as glass replacement?

The way to repair insulated glass (as in double pane windows) is full glass replacement. Double-pane windows rely on the sealed space between the panes of glass to provide insulation. If that seal fails, the window’s ability to insulate degrades, and the glass may eventually fog up.

The replacement process can (and often is) called glass repair, but in our experience glass replacement is a clearer description.

why glass replacement is glass repair—anatomy of a double pane insulated glass unit

Water inside the window glass panes

How can you tell if condensation on your windows is a problem? Actually it’s pretty easy. If you can reach the water to wipe it away, your glass is probably in good shape. On the other hand, if there is water or haze between the window panes where you can’t touch it, that is a sure sign of seal failure. A window with a failed seal cannot insulate well, so it will be harder to heat and cool your home.

If you’d like a visual on the topic, check out this video from Milgard:

How to check your window for condensation, a helpful video from Milgard


Custom-Order Glass

Glass Cutting


Special Projects

Sound View Glass offers a wide variety of glass cutting, shaping, and prepping services. No job too big or too small!

• Edge polishing, grinding, bevels, and custom etching

• Custom shelves in a variety of glass thickness and styles.

• Table and desktops in clear, patterned, bronze or gray glass. Polished, beveled and/or ground edgework.

• Cabinet or door glass in clear or a wide variety of custom patterns and colors.

Mirrors add light and space to any room. Let Sound View Glass help you replace or upgrade your mirrors today!

• Mirrors for any application or any room;
bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, entries and foyers.

• Custom shapes for home gyms, bar backs, and other special functions.

• Custom fit mirrored wardrobe doors.

• Outlet and light fixture cutouts, mirrored outlet covers, ovals, circles, geometric shapes, abstract, lettering, and so much more.

Never feel limited in choice! From replacing the glass insets in an antique compact to all-glass custom installations, the Sound View Glass team of product specialists and manufacturing partners are a resource for you. Contact us today about making your your project go from imagination to installation!