We offer a full range of glass replacement products from top manufacturers, including optional glass treatments to improve strength & safety, efficiency, and privacy.

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A simple fix for cold or foggy glass

Failed windows get cold, foggy or hazy inside the glass, where you can’t clean it. Glass replacement is often the simplest fix for a failed window, and a good choice when your window frame is still in good shape.

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How energy efficient windows insulate better

Modern windows rely on a layer of argon gas for insulation. Argon insulates much better than normal air, and it is clear and nontoxic. During manufacture, argon is sealed between the panes of glass in a ready-to-install unit.

Cold and foggy glass

When the seal around the glass fails, it eventually gets moisture inside and becomes foggy. Over time, mineral deposits stick to that moisture, making the glass look hazy.

Before a window even gets foggy, you may be able to tell its seal has failed because it’s colder than other windows in the room. Foggy, hazy or cold windows are all signs that glass should be replaced, because it may not insulate your home as it should.

Optional glass treatments

Sound View Glass offers a full range of replacement glass to meet your needs. These optional treatments can improve the performance of your glass:

  • Privacy glass (obscured glass) lets light in, but isn’t see-through
  • Tempered and laminated glass both improve strength as well as safety
  • Energy-efficient coatings (such as Low-E) can improve insulation and reduce glare
  • Sound-resistant glass is also available; please ask for details!

Custom Glass Cutting and Services

Glass Cutting


Special Projects

Sound View Glass offers a wide variety of glass cutting, shaping, and prepping services. No job too big or too small!

• Edge polishing, grinding, bevels, and custom etching

• Custom shelves in a variety of glass thickness and styles.

• Table and desktops in clear, patterned, bronze or gray glass. Polished, beveled and/or ground edgework.

• Cabinet or door glass in clear or a wide variety of custom patterns and colors.

Mirrors add light and space to any room. Let Sound View Glass help you replace or upgrade your mirrors today!

• Mirrors for any application or any room;
bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, entries and foyers.

• Custom shapes for home gyms, bar backs, and other special functions.

• Custom fit mirrored wardrobe doors.

• Outlet and light fixture cutouts, mirrored outlet covers, ovals, circles, geometric shapes, abstract, lettering, and so much more.

Never feel limited in choice! From replacing the glass insets in an antique compact to all-glass custom installations, the Sound View Glass team of product specialists and manufacturing partners are a resource for you. Contact us today about making your your project go from imagination to installation!